Monday, April 13, 2009

LG KP500 Cookie

 LG KP500 Cookie

The beautiful LG KP500 Cookie, a phone that combines a neat 3 megapixel camera and funky, slick touch-interface, but that comes with a range of deals that will actually save you money!

LG have a reputation for making some truly wonderful touchscreen phones, with slick, fun interfaces. The excitement really mounts, though, when they release a touchscreen phone that is incredibly cheap, but still gives you all the power and features you want; or, in other words, when they release a phone like the gorgeous LG KP500 Cookie.

Touch, Feel

The first time you use the LG KP500 Cookie, you'll be instantly struck by how satisfying it is to use that brilliant touch interface. As an evolution of LG's earlier touchscreens, it makes it fun even just to access the menus and get to the feature you want to use. With a variety of gestures and swipes, you'll love the way the LG KP500 Cookie guides you through the interface. Say for example that you want to chill out listening to a tune on the superb built-in music player. A couple of finger taps takes you straight to it, and the full touch controls give you direct access to the amazing music and media playback of the LG KP500 Cookie.

Photo Fun
If you ever get bored with the music you've put on your LG KP500 Cookie, or if you just fancy something different, why not fire up the built-in FM radio, and chill out with your favourite DJ, or catch the latest news from round the world. And while you're doing that, if something interesting catches your eye, the 3 megapixel camera is only a touch away, letting you snap superb photos with the LG KP500 Cookie.

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